Never Look Away: a review

Many people believe that the main purpose of movies is entertainment. But these same people do not realise how they can also influence us tremendously.

Everyday, we meet people from all walks of life. We like some, we hate some, we reject some, we envy some and we ignore some, but this is not the case for your parents. We don’t choose our parents, yet we think they are the most important humans in the whole universe because we are basically a combination of their genes. 

Never Look Away is a German movie that was released in 2018. It’s about two German art students who fell in love and the girl’s father destroys their relationship.

This movie made me question humanity and human relationships again. This movie made me rethink all the emotions, in another word, the algorithms, and chemicals in our brains. 

 Let me tell you the story. There’s a guy named Kurt, and he lives in a time where Nazis are rife. Nazis were known to kill individuals who had mental or physical disabilities. So, when Kurt’s aunt complains of a mental problem, they poison her with gas. 

Now, in the plot, there’s also a girl, Ellie. Her father is a gynecologist – but also happens to be the one who killed Kurt’s aunt. 

Kurt’s an artist, a fantastic one. He grows up and meets Ellie, the gynecologist’s daughter. He likes her, loves her, he sleeps with her, and eventually, marries her. 

After years, Ellie’s father leaves Germany to travel the world. However, knowing that his daughter was pregnant, he makes her infertile by messing with her fallopian tube, stopping his daughter’s eggs attaching to the uterus. Ellie suffers mentally and physically. 

Kurt often expresses his emotions through art during the movie. After many years, Ellie’s father returned, hoping to see his daughter and her husband. But, to his surprise, he finds that Kurt had drawn Ellie’s father’s picture overlapping with one of Kurt’s aunt. 

I liked how movie plot and the actors made me re-evaluate my relatives and people around me. This movie is my favourite of all time because I’ve never watched something that made me rethink of every relationship I have with every human being.

The unique idea is that our closest relatives might hurt us if they don’t like our partner. This movie rethinks the whole emotional system you have and understand that somehow, we are not self-made: we are culture, environment, and society made. 

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