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Money Heist: The Phenomenon Documentary


Money Heist is a Spanish drama series that premiered on Netflix in late 2017 and follows the story of a gang as they come together to attempt to pull off a high stake bank robbery. The series was an instant sensation and had viewers from around the world watching with eager eyes on the edge of their seats; this success could be due to the fact many fans associated the series with the governments in their respected countries.

Because of this overnight success and world wide obsession with the series, the producer (Álex Pina) decided to make a documentary about it, and appropriately named it “Money Heist: The Phenomenon”. The Phenomenon documentary talks and goes into depth about the story of the main actresses and actors; whilst also addressing how they got together and the influence they have had on societies across the globe. 

One interesting part of the documentary was when they showed and explained to the viewer how they planned and named the characters. For example, Úrsula Corberó, who plays one of the main characters, came in wearing a t-shirt with a Tokyo sign on, so the producer was like, “Let’s give the characters as the name of cities around the world”.

The documentary additionally showed off the art of acting and how they communicate with each other as not only a cast, but as a family. They also touch upon how the actors/actresses feel melancholic leaving the team as a result of their character dying. However, I could’t help but feel that this pattern began to become repetitive and quite boring.

As a Viewer, I was expecting something different from the documentary, like the ideas of robbing the bank and what inspired the producer. Although I was expecting something different, there was one new thing I liked, which is the way they wrote the script like they would change the script and try to make it funnier before recording. 

The Phenomenon was a good step for the producer and the actresses/actors to advertise for themselves, outside of the characters we know and love them as. As with anything, there were flaws within the documentary, I personally felt they could have made it more artistic by adding more excitement to it. They could easily have made it as exciting as La Case de Papel as their work is phenomenal and unexpected! 

Regardless of this, I am excited to see what comes next in the upcoming series and world that is Money Heist.


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