The past year hasn’t been what we had exactly hoped it to be when we entered what was deemed to be the Roaring Twenties revival, especially for the younger generation.

Covid-19 left us constantly in and out of lockdowns with concerts and gigs being cancelled left, right and centre. However, through this seemingly dull period, we’ve had more time than ever to look round us for new interests, hobbies and new music to soundtrack our lives. Thus enter Quarters of Change.

One rainy Tuesday evening in Liverpool, England, was the first time I, browsing Spotify, was introduced to the American alternative band known as Quarters of Change (QOC); and more importantly their 2018 hit ‘Kiwi’ from the album Cyclone Trips. It was on a whim that I even clicked play on the 5 minute 32 second long electric-guitar-driven anthem but it almost felt fated in some cheesy rom-com sort of fashion, as if I was meant to stumble upon it. Since then, Kiwi has implemented itself in the majority of my playlists, amongst the likes of The Smiths, Arctic Monkeys and The 1975.

Formed in New York, the band consists of five members aged 20 -21: Ben Roter (vocals/guitar/lyricist), Jasper Harris (lead guitar/synths/producer), Attila Anrather (drums/engineering), Ben Acker (lead guitar/rhythm guitar) and Adrian Ercilla Anthrobus (bassist); as well as Amyas Ryan who acts as creative director and artistic coordinator.

The band was a natural development from the members jamming together as friends in their high school school basement; with their earliest influence being American rock band Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Since then, The Strokes, MGMT, Tom Petty and Daft Punk are all considered notable influences in term of creativity.

The name however didn’t come as naturally; speaking to the band, they described how it came about:

The name Quarters of Change arrived after about 5 names, the second to last of which was a computer-generated name called kumquats of change. Being unsatisfied with that we went to eat at a Chipotle right next to our school around 42nd street times square. While eating Ben Roter saw this homeless guy go into a phone booth and just start peeing over everything which was unsettling as he was drinking lemonade. About a minute after the man had left the booth another dude walked in to place a call. He took out his change which was in quarters and bam we had the name and since then we have stuck with it.

In a modern music industry that is becoming ever more artificial and manufactured, it is so refreshing and promising to know that there is still hope for raw and home grown natural talent.

As mentioned previously, my introduction to Quarters of Change was through their 2018 single titled ‘Kiwi’; and no, it’s not about the fruit. Speaking on how the song came to be and how it came to have such a titled, the band explained:

“Well after one day in high school when we were practicing Jasper had this rift idea that he brought in. We were in love with it from the start and Ben asked him if he had a name for it or wanted the song to be called something and Jasper was like yeah “Kiwi”. So from a lyric writing position that’s a pretty unhelpful name but hey it worked out.”

There is no doubt in my mind that Quarters of Change are only going to go from strength to strength and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this potential packed band.

You can find Quarters of Change on all streaming and social media platforms @quartersofchange.

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