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Welcome to the future: Travel To Singapore!

Though one can dream, the probability of travelling to both near and distant future are very slim. However, regardless of this I have been always interested in time, technology, and travel; this could be down to its emotive nature, it causes feelings of amusement, excitement, fear, and melancholy to all rise to the surface. Travelling can make me feel like the happiest and the saddest human on earth.

 A futuristic utopia upon earth, like a game of Sims on a mass scale. Like the poster child for the world, Singapore embraces the solutions for pressing issues such as climate change that many other countries fail to grasp. A wild dream like city enclosed by towering eco-friendly skyscrapers and connected by madly clean streets, it’s a place where one can both be at one with nature whilst also being connected to modern civilization. An artificial jungle where modern humans can survive with the support of innovations of technology. As soon as you step off the plane, it feels like you’ve travelled to the year 2050 in a millisecond. 

Like some twisted reality tv program, you can’t do anything without being under the constant watch of the government; with consequences being in immediate effect. For example, if you try to impose your chewing gum, you have to pay S$1000 or if you spit in a public place, you have to pay S$5000. These rules made people and the city madly organized as nobody and nothing has touched it. 

In this futuristic game, the mutual respect that people have for each other and the country is evident: friendly smiles, acts of kindness and compliance with social rules make Singapore one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places on earth. Consequently, the country reaps its rewards for its respectful nature, making it a melting pot of many beautiful things; animals are felicitous because the air is clean, people are helpful, cultural diversity, buildings like bees cells like reminders of nature and stylish people making the clean streets their catwalk.

The variety of flavours, spices and textures are something to be envied; rich and pure the food looks like something that belongs in a high glossed food magazine, it feels and looks too beautiful to eat or waste. It’s like eating for pleasure, both aesthetic and taste, rather than just simply for nutritional purposes.

A particular spectacle of Singapore is Singapore Zoo. Like something out of a Tarzan movie, the animals seem happy, having fun chilling and enjoying their liberty; rather than miserable in a concrete enclosure. For example, the large dragon lizards walk free and without interference from the members of the public, who watch on in awe. This zoo also offers you the chance to see one of the rarest trees in the world and see how they miraculously saved it from extinction. 

Overall, this city made me wonder and think of the energy, time, money, humanity, peace, passion, nature, and the efforts humans put in to make this dream city! I would recommend Singapore to any avid traveller as a must on the bucket list. 


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