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More swapping, less shopping!

In 2021 I’m sure I don’t have to lecture you about the state of our climate and the day-to-day decisions that we as individuals make to worsen our situation. As someone who has always loved fashion and bought just about every item of leopard print clothing out there, I know how difficult it can beContinue reading “More swapping, less shopping!”

Wave goodbye to Maccies, there’s a vegan alternative in town

McDonalds have been notoriously slow in providing plant-based alternatives to their customers. Whilst many vegans would rather boycott the franchise altogether (just this month the Animal Rebellion movement occupied the Big Mac factory with lock ons in place for 62 hours), you cannot argue the convenience of a drive-thru or how a post night outContinue reading “Wave goodbye to Maccies, there’s a vegan alternative in town”