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Fear of what will happen next

Every time I write something I always have my screen split like I’m citing a piece of work for an upcoming essay or writing an article. Then once I’ve written the piece, I enlarge the screen and read through it multiple times, and finally upload and send it in. I do this every time –Continue reading “Fear of what will happen next”


Perfectly Imperfect: Anxiety isn’t something you get over!

People always tell me to write what I know, but that made me think: what do I know? And that’s when it struck me. I don’t know sh*t! It seems we know what we need to know, like how to cross the road, or even to write words that may or may not make anyContinue reading “Perfectly Imperfect: Anxiety isn’t something you get over!”

Scarred by Sunburned Summers: Why the season is overrated

Summer is nearly here, and you know what that means: holidays, cocktails on the beach, showing off that “summer body” and weeks of sunshine. But for me, as someone who has pale skin, sadly this not only means endless sunburns, but also a great deal of bad luck of which I now unfortunately associate with the season of summer.

Review on ‘The Return’ by Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks is a romance novelist who writes about heartache, triumph, tragedy, death, and life. He has also produced some great films: The Notebook, The Longest Ride and Nights in Rodanthe, to name just a few. In his recent novel ‘The Return’, he takes on a different writing approach by including a lost romance andContinue reading “Review on ‘The Return’ by Nicholas Sparks”