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Lessons from ‘Friends’ that every twenty-something needs

I was born in the late 1990s, I graduated last year during the pandemic, and I am freaking out. Here’s why: I will be in my mid-20s and still have not achieved something big. All my friends are either working on their Master’s thesis, getting married, divorcing, or working on a HUGE project. Whereas IContinue reading “Lessons from ‘Friends’ that every twenty-something needs”

What if you don’t want to be a girlboss?

‘Girlboss’: A term that has been absolutely everywhere since it was first introduced to the public back in 2014 by Sophia Amoruso, the founder of clothing brand ‘Nasty Gal.’ Snappy, bold and memorable, the term is a marketing dream and has been stamped onto everything from clothing to home wear, hooking a generation of youngContinue reading “What if you don’t want to be a girlboss?”

More swapping, less shopping!

In 2021 I’m sure I don’t have to lecture you about the state of our climate and the day-to-day decisions that we as individuals make to worsen our situation. As someone who has always loved fashion and bought just about every item of leopard print clothing out there, I know how difficult it can beContinue reading “More swapping, less shopping!”

Welcome to the future: Travel To Singapore!

Though one can dream, the probability of travelling to both near and distant future are very slim. However, regardless of this I have been always interested in time, technology, and travel; this could be down to its emotive nature, it causes feelings of amusement, excitement, fear, and melancholy to all rise to the surface. TravellingContinue reading “Welcome to the future: Travel To Singapore!”

Album Review: Waterparks- Greatest Hits

With three albums under their belts, Texas trio Waterparks have released their fourth studio album boldly titled Greatest Hits. No, the album doesn’t consist of the band’s best songs from the past decade, it is in fact a 17-track masterpiece. It’s 47-minute run time might sound intimidating, however, with themes of unfiltered millennial angst andContinue reading “Album Review: Waterparks- Greatest Hits”

Something More Than Okay

The onset of the pandemic and it’s resulting devastation has marred the year 2020 for many. Its effects have deeply harmed communities across countries, physically, economically and mentally. However, last year did not prepare me for the shellshock I was going to receive in 2021.  This year began with a lot of promise. I hadContinue reading “Something More Than Okay”

Connecting an audience to an artwork: How can artists evoke emotion in their work?

Many people think of a painting as an abstract concept or an idea on a canvas, and many even think that paintings do not contribute to human lives at all. Art is the silent language; you don’t say anything, but instead you stare, experience, and learn. One of the most common types of painting isContinue reading “Connecting an audience to an artwork: How can artists evoke emotion in their work?”

If motorsport is so cruel, then why is it my passion?

[CONTENT WARNING: This article contains discussion of motorsport accidents] Motorsport, another term for motor racing: ‘the sport of racing motor vehicles, especially cars’.  If you’ve not heard of Formula 1, the absolute pinnacle of world motorsport, then one: why not? and two: can we even be friends? When I was growing up, I saw FormulaContinue reading “If motorsport is so cruel, then why is it my passion?”

Róisín Reviews: The book that took everyone by storm – ‘Normal People’ by Sally Rooney

A book that I enjoyed recently was the novel ‘Normal People’ by Sally Rooney. ‘Normal People’ is about two teenagers that meet in school and gradually develop deeper feelings for each other. It starts off with them young and throughout the book I felt as if I was growing with the characters. Perhaps that’s whyContinue reading “Róisín Reviews: The book that took everyone by storm – ‘Normal People’ by Sally Rooney”