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Jeeda Shupassi: An artist who escaped war without a passport

Today I met an artist. Not a typical artist, but an artist without belonging. Let me tell the story of Jeeda Shupassi. She was born in Syria with a Palestinian father and Syrian mother. She could not get a passport because of her father’s identity as a refugee. Above that, her father left home whenContinue reading “Jeeda Shupassi: An artist who escaped war without a passport”

Self-care: tips for the workaholic

The system we are living in can be quite nerve-wracking. It’s not like we are living in the 1950s or 60s. Let me explain a bit. Before, people seemed to come back home forgetting all about work. Now, when you come back home, work stays with you all night and day long. You worry aboutContinue reading “Self-care: tips for the workaholic”

Five things I wish I’d known before I started counselling

“1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem of some kind each year in England.” A pretty sobering stat when you think about it and one that is only set to further rise as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to hugely impact so many lives. With so many people struggling, 2022 looks set toContinue reading “Five things I wish I’d known before I started counselling”

How to find creativity when you’re feeling uninspired

Lacking inspiration is a horrible feeling. When you don’t have that creative spark; that zest for life; that hunger to work on a new project: it can feel terribly deflating. Particularly when you rely on inspiration for your work or studies, creative block can be a real challenge to overcome. Something I’ve learned in theContinue reading “How to find creativity when you’re feeling uninspired”

Something More Than Okay

The onset of the pandemic and it’s resulting devastation has marred the year 2020 for many. Its effects have deeply harmed communities across countries, physically, economically and mentally. However, last year did not prepare me for the shellshock I was going to receive in 2021.  This year began with a lot of promise. I hadContinue reading “Something More Than Okay”

Wave goodbye to Maccies, there’s a vegan alternative in town

McDonalds have been notoriously slow in providing plant-based alternatives to their customers. Whilst many vegans would rather boycott the franchise altogether (just this month the Animal Rebellion movement occupied the Big Mac factory with lock ons in place for 62 hours), you cannot argue the convenience of a drive-thru or how a post night outContinue reading “Wave goodbye to Maccies, there’s a vegan alternative in town”

Aaliyah: A Complex Legacy

Those who grew up amongst the R&B boom of the late 90s to the early 2000s will be familiar with Aaliyah. Known for her many hits, including Try Again, Are You That Somebody, Back and Forth, and Rock The Boat, Aaliyah had arguably earned the title of the “Princess of R&B”. Her rise to superstardomContinue reading “Aaliyah: A Complex Legacy”

Coming out of lockdown: tips to maintain good mental health

Whilst COVID restrictions gradually ease and the 21st of June approaches, it is important that we still care for our mental health. More social gatherings and time away from home can be quite daunting given that we were once encouraged to stay home, away from the threat of coronavirus.  Since March 2020, the UK hasContinue reading “Coming out of lockdown: tips to maintain good mental health”

The Model Minority: A Convenient Source of Racial Wedges

In the 19th century, the US saw an influx of Chinese workers. These migrant workers were a resourceful and cheap way of labour, which was exactly what was needed for the building of the infamous transcontinental railroad, allowing the American economy to rapidly boom into the walls of its gilded age. Despite their great roleContinue reading “The Model Minority: A Convenient Source of Racial Wedges”

Existential Kitchen

In John Irving’s Life According to Garp, the protagonist is a writer who develops a love for cooking. He argues that “sometimes it is the only worthwhile product you can salvage from a day; what you make to eat.” My housemates for the last year have witnessed me attempt to adopt this mantra. When I have nothingContinue reading “Existential Kitchen”