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Self-care: tips for the workaholic

The system we are living in can be quite nerve-wracking. It’s not like we are living in the 1950s or 60s. Let me explain a bit. Before, people seemed to come back home forgetting all about work. Now, when you come back home, work stays with you all night and day long. You worry aboutContinue reading “Self-care: tips for the workaholic”

What if you don’t want to be a girlboss?

‘Girlboss’: A term that has been absolutely everywhere since it was first introduced to the public back in 2014 by Sophia Amoruso, the founder of clothing brand ‘Nasty Gal.’ Snappy, bold and memorable, the term is a marketing dream and has been stamped onto everything from clothing to home wear, hooking a generation of youngContinue reading “What if you don’t want to be a girlboss?”

Five things I wish I’d known before I started counselling

“1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem of some kind each year in England.” A pretty sobering stat when you think about it and one that is only set to further rise as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to hugely impact so many lives. With so many people struggling, 2022 looks set toContinue reading “Five things I wish I’d known before I started counselling”

Perfectly Imperfect: Anxiety isn’t something you get over!

People always tell me to write what I know, but that made me think: what do I know? And that’s when it struck me. I don’t know sh*t! It seems we know what we need to know, like how to cross the road, or even to write words that may or may not make anyContinue reading “Perfectly Imperfect: Anxiety isn’t something you get over!”

Coming out of lockdown: tips to maintain good mental health

Whilst COVID restrictions gradually ease and the 21st of June approaches, it is important that we still care for our mental health. More social gatherings and time away from home can be quite daunting given that we were once encouraged to stay home, away from the threat of coronavirus.  Since March 2020, the UK hasContinue reading “Coming out of lockdown: tips to maintain good mental health”

BethSouls: How streaming helped my battle with agoraphobia

“Streaming honestly saved my life,” Beth Soulsby, 23, credits the live streaming site Twitch for changing her life while struggling with agoraphobia. She spoke exclusively about her mental health and how the internet allowed a needed release. The County Durham streamer has been suffering from panic attacks since she was a teenager, experiencing her firstContinue reading “BethSouls: How streaming helped my battle with agoraphobia”